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ABC’s The Bachelor Pad, Season 2; The Bachelor: Rome; and VH1’s You’re Cut Off!

Erica Rose is best known for her outrageous antics and high-maintenance attitude on “The Bachelor: Rome”.  She was famous for wearing a tiara to “bring out her inner princess” and saying to Prince Lorenzo Borghese upon meeting him “I flew coach for flattered.” Viewers either loved or hated the sexy socialite but either way they tuned in week after week to see what she was going to do next, including Kelly Ripa who reported on Erica’s antics every Tuesday after the show on “Live with Regis and Kelly.”  The producers realized it was Erica that was bringing all of the ratings, so after Prince Lorenzo Borghese did not give Erica a rose, they still brought her back for more episodes. She was in high demand and made numerous talk show appearances such as “The Ellen Degeneres Show” and “The Tyra Banks Show”  You can catch these moments as well as highlights from the show on her reel which is on YouTube and has almost 300,000 views!

Prior to the show Erica started a high end tiara line called T-Erica and moved to Los Angeles where she pursued her television career further appearing on Fox Reality networks “Battle of the Bods: reality stars edition” and did some hosting for them as well as “Your La”.  Her next role was in the documentary “Youth Knows No Pain” which aired on HBO in which she opened up about life as the daughter of a famous plastic surgeon and how it affects her today.

From the success of her appearance on “The Bachelor: Rome”, Erica was cast and appeared on season one of the VH1 hit show “You’re Cut Off”, where Erica and eight other spoilistas were stripped of their jewels, designer bags and clothing and forced to learn how to earn a living and work.  She prevailed at this challenge and helped bring in the ratings once again. 

Because the people of America and internationally adore Erica, she has been cast on the upcoming season 2 of ABC’s “The Bachelor Pad”.  Erica hopes to parlay the success of “The Bachelor: Rome”, “You’re Cut Off” and now “Bachelor Pad 2” to continue to support herself by making paid appearances at both local and national events and eventually land her own reality tv show.  

Erica lives in Houston and concluding her final year of law school at the University of Houston.  Her new goal is to put her judgmental attitude for the greater good and have her own court show as a younger, hotter, Judge Judy.  “Dr. Phil” agreed and endorsed Erica’s career as an Entertainment Legal expert. Erica’s exercise DVD with her personal trainer and Exercise TV personality, Cari Shoemate, entitled “Stilleto Bikini Blast Workout” is set to be released this summer.  Erica is very involved in the community and causes such as Human Rights, Citizens for Animal Protection 2009 Honoree, and her families charity foundation, The Rose Ribbon Foundation 501(3)C, which raises money for Cancer survivors.